1. Team building 2017

With the aim to enhance solidarity and team spirit as well as create opportunities for employees from 5 branches to exchange, Jellyfish education Vietnam successfully organized team building program on the scale of 3 regions North – Central – South on 9th December 2017 with the topic – Together we reach the goals.

A Saturday without having to go to the office, to work and to meet deadlines, members of Jellyfish have had a fun, relaxed day and charged energy to continue with ahead challenges in the rest of the year.

Jellyfish Hà Nội- Hải Phòng tại Công viên Ecopark
Jellyfish Ha Noi – Hai Phong in Ecopark park
Jellyfish Đà Nẵng- Huế tại bãi biển Lăng Cô
Jellyfish Danang – Hue in Lang Co beach
Jellyfish Hồ Chí Minh
Jellyfish Ho Chi Minh

The program began with games that need teamwork and adventure. It is also an opportunity for members from 5 branches of company to get acquainted and closer to each other.

This fresh and active first activity inspired everyone for next waiting games.

With the topic “TOGETHER WE REACH THE GOALS“, teams have overcome all challenges during the program with a high spirit. The team building program has made Jellyfish members more intimate and closer. Beautiful pictures, funny stories, memorable experiences are the link to connect people, creating the collective strength of Jellyfish family.

All members participated in the program with smiles and happiness with the common orientation for 2018. Ending the program was a warm lunch at the restaurant and everyone together raised cups for the successful team building.

Thank everyone who participated fully and together made a meaningful day, see all members of Jellyfish family in the next team building trip.


2. Summer tour 2017. Nha Trang – Connecting employees from 3 regions with Jellyfish education

As planned, Jellyfish Education has organized a summer trip for staff from 5 branches of company in Nha Trang beach from 19th to 22nd July. All staff had a happy and meaningful trip combining with team building program at Nha Trang- one of the most magnificent beaches in Viet Nam. During this holiday, the team not only had a chance to relax at beautiful beach but also experience challenging and exciting team building activities.

Một số hình ảnh trong buột hoạt động team building
Some photos in the team building program

Ending a day with full of fun and excitement, all the staff got dressed and were ready for the gala dinner “Connect 3 regions and summarize activities in the first 6 months of 2017 of the whole company”.

Awards ceremony for outstanding individuals by the end of 2016 and early 2017:

– Devoted employee: Nguyen Thi Hong Duyen – Da Nang Branch;
– Representative face: Shiba Takenari – Hai Phong branch, Bui Thi Huong – Da Nang branch;
– Best marketing employee: Doan Thi Yen – Hai Phong Branch;
– Best teacher: Nguyen Thi Thao – Hanoi Branch;
– Best international employee: Bui Lam Giang;

Next was the special “Talent show” program from members of Jellyfish family.

With very special performances from employees, the judges had to carefully think before making the final decision. After the discussion of 4 members of the judges, the first prize of TALENT SHOW 2017 was given to Ho Chi Minh city branch because of their two very attractive and meaningful shows.
Congratulations to Ho Chi Minh branch!

The next day, Jellyfish team visited Vinpeal land resort and experienced thrilling but exciting games.

On 22nd July, 2017 mid-day, Jellyfish team finished the almost-4-day trip with full of memories of summer 2017. Hopefully with the spirit of “Connecting 3 regions”, all members have had memorable experiences together.

Goodbye and see you in the next holiday!

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