After three tense and competitive stages, in the afternoon of September 16th 2018, the final match of JFF Cup 2018 – North Area happened at Dong Do Football Field, Lane 6 Duong Dinh Nghe, Cau Giay, Ha Noi.


There are a lot of Ha Noi’s and Hai Phong’s suppoters gathered very early at the football field inspite of hot weather. Before the match, handsome players from two teams did warm-up to be familiar with the field.

Các cầu thủ Hải Phòng 2 thực hiện các động tác khởi động
Football players of Hai Phong 2 do warm-up

Before the beginning, referee and players greeted each other. In this final match, Hai Phong 2 was in red and Ha Noi 2 was in yellow.

Hai đội bắt đầu ra sân

Hai đội bắt đầu ra sân

The beginning is so exciting, football players from two teams did many skillful strikes. Team Ha Noi 2l made many serious cases and got 1 goal firstly. However, with the enthusiasm from supporters, football players in team Hai Phong 2 got an equalizer just 10 minutes after.

Một số hình ảnh trong trận đấu 1

Một số hình ảnh trong trận đấu
Images from the match

After more than 50 minutes from when the game started, though Ha Noi 2l was the team which created more serious situation, finally with a very close result Hai Phong 2 won by three goals to two. The match was remarked as a fair-play game by both organization board and referee, it also was very suitable with the criteria of JFF Cup. 


Before the organization board gave prizes to excellent teams and individual, all players from both two team had exchanged, greeted so much to expose the team spirit of all members from Jellyfish family. Despite the match was very competitive, after that we have been still under the same roof -Jellyfish family!

Các cầu thủ của 2 đội chụp ảnh lưu niệm cùng nhau

a) Rewards for teams

– The third prize values 500,000 VND was rewarded to Hai Phong 1 and Miyatsu- Jellyfish team.

Đại diện 2 đội lên nhận giải
Representatives from the two teams received the prizes

– The best supporter collective prize values 500,000 VND was rewarded to supporters from Hai Phong ( who came to cheer players even though they lived very far away from Ha Noi.

Hình ảnh Đoàn Hải Phòng lên nhận giải đội cổ động xuất sắc nhất
Hai Phong’s supporters received the prize

– Runner-up prize worths 1,500,000 VND was rewarded to Ha Noi 2l ( The young men overcame two tough stages to have a ticket for the final match.)

Các thành viên đội Hà Nội 2I nhận giải Á quân từ BTC
Ha Noi 2l team’s members received their prize

– The champion of JFF Cup 2018 was absolutely Hai Phong 2 with 2.000.000 VND and the champion cup were rewarded by organization board. Hope that JFers will always keep this high spirit as their performance in JFF cup.

Các thành viên trong đội Quán quân JFF Cup 2018 – Hải Phòng 2
Members in the champion team: Hai Phong 2

b) Individual prize

The best player prize worths 500.000 VND belonged to Vu Duc Hai ( an attacker from Ha Noi 2l team). During the championship, he tried his best and scored many goals as well as many serious shots to the rival.

Cầu thủ xuất sắc nhất giải JFF Cup 2018
The best player of JFF Cup 2018

Giải đấu JFF Cup 2018 – Khu vực Phía Bắc đã khép lại vô cùng thành công, tốt đẹp và đi đúng với tiêu chí của BTC.

JFF Cup 2018 – North Area accomplished successfully.

Hope that JFers will always keep this enthusiasm as same as the way football players tried their best in the championship. The annual JFF Cup will come back more exciting, prepare for it! See you soon!

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