What is JellyFish?

Jellyfish Education Vietnam – a branch of Jellyfish Japan. We provide educational services in various fields:

– Japanese language training at every levels and Japanese culture promotion. Here at Jellyfish, we focus on training all language skills, especially communication skill in casual environment and in working environment.

– Overseas study and job consultancy for students who want to study and work in international countries.

The meaning behind the name “JELLYFISH”

Jellyfish, “Con Sứa” in Vietnamese, has many unique and meaningful characteristics

– Jellyfish – a sea animal, which represents Japan, a country which is surrounded by oceans
– Jellyfish is transparent and has no shell, which represents honesty, purity and the truth.
– Jellyfish lives in pride, with fast reproduction rate, which represents the strong connection and unity.

These unique characteristics of the jellyfish are the basis for our steady development.

After more than 10 years of development history, nowadays Jellyfish group have opened branches in 4 countries and 10 major cities, provided working and studying opportunities for thousand Asian students. In 10 years, Jellyfish have goals to only open more branches across Asia, Europe and America, but also to become the connection between the superb students in the world and their future opportunities to work and study abroad.

In Vietnam, Jellyfish Education Joint Stock Company was established in 2010. Up to now, with our endless effort, sharing and profound understanding, we have inspired, and helped making the dream of more than 10,000 students come true.



“From Vietnam to the world”

Jellyfish Education has always exerted ourselves to be one of the best overseas study agencies in Vietnam which provides studying consultant services and foreign language training programs.

Our programs are designed to be a closed, self-contained process. Therefore the students will be fully supported, from the training process, how to choose the most suitable school and major, to our job consultancy which can help you find a job that matches with your practical experience gained in school.

With these characteristics, Jellyfish Education hopes to become your reliable choice of all Vietnamese students who have big dreams and ambitions.


“Best service – Strongest Connection”

Jellyfish Education was founded with the biggest mission:

– To be the link between Vietnamese students and the best educational programs in the best schools in the world.
– To provide high-quality training services, help the students to achieve their goal in the shortest amount of time. Meanwhile the students will have the opportunity to experience the modern and latest studying method, which can perfect their language skills as well as the ability of each student.
– Future career consultancy. We want to help you choose the major and future job which is perfectly matches with your own priority and your capacity.


True people – True value: Con người thực – Giá trị thực.

As a Japanese company, we always focus on developing the inner quality of each member. Our high-quality services have showed value through the quality of each member that we have trained and developed. Without any sophisticated method, we try our best to support the young Vietnamese generation to be more confident, dynamic in order to integrate with the world.

This is the infinite motto of Jellyfish Education


“Expand your horizons”

Step out with the world, experience the wonderful life and to learn more. This is the mission of the young generation. By providing various studying and working experiences, Jellyfish hopes to bring the opportunities to Vietnamese students as well as international students. We are willing to be your companion on your journey to conquer knowledge, to break the limit and to discover your true value.


The motto of Jellyfish Education is True people – True value. Your success is our greatest motivation to keep on trying to improve ourselves.

Let’s walk through some numbers that have proved the endless effort of Jellyfish Education Vietnam

20: the number of Japanese company and school in Vietnam which have been using the educational services of JF.

150: the number of Jellyfish Education staff in Vietnam, who will be ready to support you to reach your dream.

1200: the average number of students each year, who has successfully reached their goal to study and work in foreign countries with the help of Jellyfish education.

950: the number of students enroll each month at all Jellyfish branches across the country.

By taking the QUALITY is our guideline, we always improve our teaching method, expand our connection with the best schools all over the world.

We truly hope that, with our effort, we can support you to build the best foundation so that you can make your dream come true.