The writing contest “Write about the woman you love in Jellyfish” was launched from 05/10 and finished on 26/10 with the results of nearly 50 writings submitted. 6 best writing were awarded First, Second, Third and Consolation prizes.

At the beginning of the contest, our board of examiner received a lot of emails form many branches every day. Beside funny writings which told about their daily interesting stories at works, there were a huge numbers of writings praising colleagueship and partnership. Every witting is a very sincere and touching feeling writer want to send to their beloved colleague.

What surprising most is that the “woman in Jellyfish you love” in their writing was not just about writers’ peers or same age colleagues. It even included the stories about “great colleague”. Writer Mr. Chau Van Tan – Jellyfisher in Danang branch shared: “In some special occasions, she often brought us some delicious foods which were made by herself. With the large number of tasks and deadlines, I was so wondered how she could manage to do those things for us. However, she was still so caring and attentive. It was our boss – an enthusiastic person who always spent the best things for her employees. If Jellyfish Danang were considered as a family, I would love to say that she was truly a member who brought us motivation”.

Or heartfelt confession of Ms. Le Thu Tu Anh – Jellyfish Hanoi CMC branch: “Giang, you were afraid of wearing beautiful clothes because of your inferiority complex of your body. You thought you were not pretty like others. You did not dare to buy yourself a high heel because of your legs. You did not dare to spend much money on yourself because you worried about your family, your future, those unexpected things that you did not what they really were”. Or reminisce of the memories of those days when she stared working in Jellyfish: “I used to be an introverted person, I did not often show my feelings. Therefore, those first days at work were so hard to me. I even did not know how to start a conversation with my colleagues and always tried to pleased and make acquaintance with them” (Do Thuy Linh – Jellyfish Hanoi CMC branch)

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thao – Marketing manager jokingly said: “Meanwhile I was thinking of a person to write about, considering who was the person I spent my most feeling to, with a hope to receive a couple of cinema tickets in order not to be left at home while my colleagues went to the theater. I realized that my heart had so much space for many people because women in Jellyfish were so wonderful, I loved every one whom I met.”

Board of examiner was considered a lot to find the best writing among nearly 50 touching stories submitted. Therefore, it was not important that you got the prize or not, your love to our Jellyfish woman was highly appreciated

Board of manager wants to send a sincerely thank you to all of the staffs who enthusiastically took part in this contest and saw it as a chance to confess and share your honest feelings. We also would like to congrats Ms. Le Thi Tu Anh – Marketing staff – Jellyfish Hanoi CMC branch who luckily got the most precious price of the contest “Write about the woman you love in Jellyfish”

On behalf of board of managers, we would like to announce the result of the writing contest as below:

 Prize announcement

We hope that every member in Jellyfish had an interesting and emotional time with “Write about the woman you love in Jellyfish” contest. Hope you guys have happiness and health to complete successfully your jobs to contribute to the development of our company!

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