Reveal Toyama Scholarship 2019 Winner

Having been selected from hundreds of excellent students from prestigious universities across the country, Nguyen Van Nghiem is the only candidate in Vietnam to be awarded Toyama Scholarship 2019. Toyama Prefectural Council and Yoshioka Co.,Ltd proudly sponsor 1.5 million scholarship for Nghiem to pursuit his graduate degree in Japan in 2.5 years.

Nghiem graduated from University of Transport and Communications with an Excellent Bachelor Degree. In various options for an outstanding graduate, Nghiem said he always wanted to continue his higher education in Japan. Not only admired the culture and people of this beautiful country, Nghiem also undertook research about institutions with international teaching standard where students are centered, multiple-intelligence is welcome and all the voices are heard. Nghiem wished to find a course to expand his knowledge in civil engineering, utilize his strengths and discover his unknown potential. And Toyama Scholarship came as a perfect solution to make his dream comes true.

Nghiem can speak Vietnamese and English fluently with beginning level of Japanese. However, he believes that Toyama Scholarship is an exceptional opportunity to learn a new language. To support his settlement in Japan, Jellyfish has offered him an intensive Japanese course from free of charge. Jellyfish hopes to bring a solid stepping stone for Nghiem to successfully accomplish his graduate degree in Toyama University, just like how he achieved his wonderful Bachelor degree in Vietnam.

Sharing the joy after receiving the matriculation notice of Toyama Scholarship 2019, Nghiem said “I’ve long dreamed of studying in Japan. When I firmly grasp the full scholarship, I am very happy and proud. This success is partly due to my efforts throughout the years at the University of Transports and Communication as well as my comprehensive preparation for this scholarship. Inevitably, I would like to appreciate and mention the enthusiastic support of Jellyfish Education.”

We congratulate Nghiem again on receiving this scholarship. We are confident that you will do very well and we wish you all the best for your future endeavor.

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