“Viết về người phụ nữ Jellyfish bạn yêu mến”

On the occasion of Vietnam Women’s Day (October 20th), the board of director informs you about the contest “The woman you love in Jellyfish Education” as follows:

I. Purposes:

– The contest aims to praise the beauty and qualities of the woman in genaral and the female staffs of Jellyfish Education in particular.

– This is an occasion for each person to share their feelings and send encouragement for colleagues.

II. Form and participants:

1. Participants

All staffs of Jellyfish Education (Full time and Part time), including managers.

2. Form of the contest:

– Form: Essay (400 words – 1000 words)

– Subject: Share impressions, memories about a female colleague in Jellyfish with whom you have a special feeling.

III. Prizes:

1. Prize form:

– Reward on scale of 100 points

– All submissions will be posted on the Website and Fanpage Jellyfish Education Việt Nam.

2. Prize list

– First prize: 4.000.000 VND

– Second prize: 3.000.000 VND

– Third prize: 2.000.000 VND

– 02 Consolation prizes: 500.000 VND/ prize

– All of the participants are given a couple of movie tickets or 1 present (about 100.000 VND/person)

– And a special present will be awarded to the most mentioned woman in the contest.

IV. Deadline and submission

– Deadline: 26/10/2018

– Result announcement day: 31/10/2018

– Submission address:

GA&HR Department

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