In partnership with Yoshioka Bankin Co. Ltd., Toyama Prefecture is currently looking for a Vietnamese international student who would be interested in completing graduate studies (Master’s degree) in Toyama Prefecture and being employed at Yoshioka Bankin Co. Ltd.

1 – Requirements and Conditions

(1) Nationality

The applicant must hold Vietnamese nationality, and must reside in Vietnam at the time of application.

(2) Age

The applicant must be born on or after April 2nd 1993.

(3) Education

The applicant must meet the one of the following requirements:

a) Having graduated from a Japanese university, or;

b) Having completed, outside of Japan, 16 years of formal education. (This includes people planning on graduating in June 2019)

c) Had completed, outside of Japan, 3 or more years of study/research, and have received a degree equivalent to bachelors (however some universities in Toyama may have an eligibility examination for acceptance).

(4) Specialization

Specialization fields: Engineering

The applicant’s selected field must be related to the specialization done in undergraduate studies, and must be a field that can be further studied in a Graduate School within the Prefecture. (For accepted graduate schools and programs, see page 6 of present document.)

(5) Health

The applicant must be mentally and physically healthy.

(6) Japanese Language Proficiency

Not required. However, the applicant must have interest in learning Japanese, and must be able to make basic conversations (Japanese Language Proficiency Test level N2) by the time of graduation.

(7) Arrival in Japan

In principle, the applicant should be available to come to Japan by the day determined by the Governor between September and October of 2019.

(8) Prospective Employment

The applicant must be willing to pledge that, upon completion of their studies at graduate school, they will apply to the hiring process of Yoshioka Bankin Co. Ltd.

(9) Internship

During his or her studies, the applicant will participate in an internship at Yoshioka Bankin Co. Ltd.

(10) Others

The applicant may not receive any other scholarship or grants.

2 – Number of scholarships

Dao Tran Minh – The winner of Toyama ICT scholarship 2018

3 – Details of the scholarship

Within the limits of the budget, the scholarship provides for the following expenses, from the day of arrival in Japan until the day of conclusion of studies.

(1) Living expenses: 170,000 yen per month (rent expenses included). However, if the student leaves Japan for over 30 consecutive days or if the student fails to attend classes for a long period or otherwise takes a leave of absence from school, payment may be stopped during this interval.

(2) Travel expenses

a) Coming to Japan

The airplane ticket fare from the international airport closest to the student’s residence to Japan, economic class, as well as the travel expenses from the airport in Japan to Toyama are included.

b) Returning home

Cost of returning home is generally not included.

(3) Tuition fees : Entrance examination fees, Admission fees, Course fees and Insurances (National Health Care, Accident Insurance)

(4) Payment period

The scholarship includes payment for the period of six (6) months as a trainee student and the two years of study as a graduate student for a maximum of two (2) years and six (6) months. No extension will be accepted.

The Prefecture reserves the right to terminate scholarship in the following situations:

a) If the application contains any false statement;

b) If the student fails to comply with the statements in the Written Pledge;

c) If the student commits an act against the law in Japan;

d) If the university has taken disciplinary action against the student, such as but not limited to expulsion. (Scholarship payment may be stopped before said action is effective.)

e) If, due to poor results or temporary break of study, the student is deemed to be unable to complete their degree in the length of time specified above.

f) If the student’s residency status is changed from “International Student” to a different residency status.

g) If the student receives a different scholarship (except for specific research funds).

h) If, for other reasons, Toyama Prefecture or Yoshioka Bankin Co. Ltd. determines that the applicant is unsuitable as a scholarship student.

Nguyen Thi Tu Oanh – The little Nghe hometown girl & the 1.5 billion pharmaceutical scholarship

4 – Application Process

The applicant must submit a complete set of the following documents, before the deadline and to the address specified by Toyama Prefecture. No submitted documents will be returned. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

The required documents are:

a) International Student Application Form, with a picture attached. (Form #1)

b) Specialization, Research Plan and Placement Application Form (Form #2)

c) Written Pledge (Form #3)

d) Medical Certificate (Form #4)

e) Final Grades of Graduated University

f) Final Diploma of Graduated University or Certificate of Degree Completion

g) Letter of Recommendation from Graduated University’s Dean or Responsible Professor

h) Graduation Thesis (Only applicants that have written such a thesis)

i) Copy of Passport Caution


1. All documents must be submitted either in Japanese or in English, or be provided with a translation in either Japanese or English.

2. All pictures submitted must have been taken within the last six months upon application, and their size must be of 4.5 cm by 3.5 cm, showing the upper body, full-faced, and without any covering on the head. Also, on the reverse of each picture, the name and nationality must be written. Paper copies are not accepted. (Self-printed pictures are not accepted)

3. Your Specialization and Research Plan Form must offer a concrete and detailed plan of your expected research.

4. The Grades Report must describe the course title for grades received during each year of study in your faculty or graduate program, as applicable, and must also detail the final grade or completion status for credits acquired. (For example, you cannot substitute it for a document simply listing your rank upon graduation or your diploma.)

5. Regarding your diploma or certificate of degree completion, you may substitute a copy. However, the copy must be attested to by the appropriate authorities of the university having produced the document.

6. A graduation thesis, etc. is not necessary for application, but will be used to assess academic skill if available.

5 – Application submission

Submit your application by mail to the following address:

Room 1309, 12A Floor, CMC Tower, Duy Tan Street, Cau Giay Ward, Ha Noi JELLYFISH EDUCATION 「富山県奨学金」係

6 – Application deadline

The deadline to apply to this scholarship is March, 28th, 2019 (Thu)

7 – Selection and Communication of Results

(1) A first round of selection will be conducted on the basis of the applications received.

(2) A second round of selection, by interview, will be conducted with participants selected in the first round to determine the final scholarship recipient. The interview will be conducted in Vietnamese, but Japanese ability will also be tested.

8 – Placement and Research Direction

(1) The consultations regarding the placement of the selected applicant by the Toyama Prefecture will be based upon the first then second university preferences written on the Specialization, Research Plan and Placement Application Form, and if possible will be granted. However, it is possible that the placement may differ from the preferences expressed; there is no appeal process for the placement.

(2) Research guidance, classes, experiments and studies will, as a general rule, be conducted in Japanese.

(3) Do not contact the university directly if you have questions about it.

9 – Application Schedule (Planned)

(1) Feb. – May 2019: Document screenings, interviews

(2) Jun. 2019: Applicant selection, notification of results, admission procedures

(3) Jul. – Aug. 2019: Immigration procedures

(4) Oct. 2019: Arrival in Japan (Admission as a trainee student)

(5) Jan. – Feb. 2020: Admission examination for Master’s program

(6) Apr. 2020: Admission to Master’s program (If the participant does not succeed at the entrance examination, the participant shall return in March 2020, and the scholarship will be cut on the month after the announcement of the examination results.) Internship, etc. with Yoshioka Bankin Co. Ltd. during studies

(7) Mar. 2022: Completion of Master’s Degree

(8) Apr. 2022: Start of work at Yoshioka Bankin Co. Ltd. after successful completion of hiring process.

10 – Other

(1) The recipient of the scholarship will report by paper on the progress of his studies and research and his grades as determined by the Governor and Yoshioka Bankin Co. Ltd. Also, the recipient shall proactively cooperate in the activities of Yoshioka Bankin Co. Ltd. and Toyama Prefecture.

(2) Besides the requirements listed in this document, the relevant articles of the Toyama International Student Prefectural Scholarship Program apply as specified by Toyama Prefecture.

(3) If there are inquires or questions regarding the contents of the present document, the applicant will contact the Toyama Prefectural Scholarship Coordinator, and follow their instructions.

E-mail address:

Graduate schools within Toyama Prefecture for which this Scholarship is applicable

Toyama University

Graduate School of Science and Engineering for Education
(Engineering Department)

  • Mechanical and Intellectual Systems Engineering
  • Materials Science and Engineering

Information on the corporation supporting this scholarship

Name Yoshioka Bankin Co. Ltd.
Location (Headquarters)
895 Akada, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture
Number of Employees (Headquarters) 7 people
Capital 3.2 million yen
Sector Construction, sheet metal for architecture
Business’s Strengths A sheet metal company with over 60 years of history in the prefecture, Yoshioka Bankin has been behind many projects in Toyama. Yoshioka Bankin can take care of a construction project in its totality from the beginning to the end with its basic machinery, tools, and casting machines.
Expected Qualities Someone lively and serious, interested in architecture. Someone who understands very well what it would mean to work abroad through this program and who can work diligently for the sake of their future self.
Expected Future (Duties, specialization and expectations upon hiring) Manufacturing/shaping of sheet metal and trims in the company factory as well as on-site sheet metal construction work (including on the job training). Starting from the third year after the beginning of employment, the employee will enroll in the sheet metal academy (4 times a month), and will learn about sheet metal and techniques outside of the company for 2 years, before aiming for the architectural sheet metal specialist level 2 certification. (The company
will take care of all expenses for sheet metal school now that foreigners can participate in the industry).Eventually, the employee can become a site manager or business manager at the operations manager level. Additionally, it would be possible to place the employee in CAD design production depending on their wishes and abilities.
Working conditions (as of 2017) – Starting salary: 203,280 yen/month
– Allowances: Overtime, commuting (with an upper limit), commute by car is possible (parking lot available)
– Pay raise: Once a year
– Bonuses: Twice a year
– Holidays and Vacations: Summer leave, New Year’s holidays, paid vacation, bereavement leave, Golden Week, homecoming leave, 4th Saturdays of the month and Sunday
– Additional benefits: Social Insurance (unemployment, workers’ accident insurance, health insurance, pension), severance pay, company dormitory




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